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Jack's Nightshade-Free Veggie Pizza

Today is Day 7 of our thread on HOW TO EAT SIMPLY TO IMPROVE YOUR OVERALL HEALTH & BUILD A RESPONSIVE IMMUNITY~This is a series to follow up Cary's previous posts on CORONA VIRUS: Tips for Self-Care and Redirecting Fear. All can be found on our website blog.

I am highlighting VERY SIMPLE veggie recipes in this series, so that you will be inspired to focus your self-care towards that which is positive and uplifting. Watch for a daily post over the next two weeks. In this thread, I will be sharing recipes from several of my close students who have been studying Ayurveda and Meditation with me over the years. They have been learning to live simply and in harmony with the rthymns of nature. As a result, their health has become stronger and their minds more joyful and positive. Please enjoy their wonderful offerings in the days to come!

This is one of my personal favorites of Jack's recipes. To honor the Ayurvedic wisdom that we don't take nightshades-tomato, white potato, bell peppers and eggplant, Jack has created this very simple and incredibly delicious pizza! Nightshades are inflammatory, and their regular intake can have a negative effect on our physiology.

Many of us today suffer from systemic inflammation, and although there are various causes, diet is a powerful factor. You many not notice this until you remove them from your diet for a period of time. Only then will you feel the difference. The nightshades contain traces of neurotoxins that cause our channels to shrink, and with excessive intake, cause the channels to rupture. There's more to say regarding this, but I'll save that for another article. For now, enjoy Jack's delicious adaptation as we all do! Once you taste it, I don't think you'll miss the tomato sauce or bell peppers at all!

Jack's Nightshade-Free Vegetable Pizza

Le Quartier pizza crust, round or rectangular (Alternatively, you can make a homemade crust. Bob's Red Mill also has a good Gluten-Free crust mix)

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 cup mozzarella or homemade paneer cheese (recipe found in our blog)

2 cups organic spinach (optional) cut into small pieces

1/2 cup asparagus or broccoli, cut into small pieces

1/2 cup yellow summer squash, cut into small pieces

1/2 cup green onions, cut into small pieces

(Amounts and ratios of vegetables may be varied depending upon your preferences)

Pizza seasonings of your choice

Use a flat baking pan, round or rectangular. Heat oven to 375. Oil bottom of crust with olive oil, spreading it by hand across the surface, then place the crust on a flat baking pan. Layer the top of the crust with mozzarella cheese, then season if you so choose. Layer the bed of cheese with spinach, if you like spinach. Then layer the bed of cheese (or cheese and spinach) with remaining vegetables, distributing them across the surface in whatever pattern that you like. Bake 20 minutes (or less if you prefer less crunch). Remove from oven, sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste, cut and serve. Revel!

We hope that you enjoy jack's Nightshade-Free Pizza!

Please feel free to share this post on your page or email to your friends and family, so that many people can benefit~

With Love & Blessings for Radiant Health~ Cary Twomey, D. Ayur 🌿

Known on our local radio station as 'Jack of Hearts', he's pictured here below doing what he loves to do the most~share his gift of music from the Heart. Thank you Jack!

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