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Whole Movement

Conscious Embodiment

The body is the vehicle of our life experience. 

Life happens in and through the body.

It is a precious and sacred vessel through which we can awaken,

become conscious, and discover authenticity.

Our journey in the body gives us the opportunity to experience the

joy of inner union, our Wholeness.

Whole Movement Sessions


Movement is a vital aspect of our existence.  All of life is about integrating with movement-moving our body in space, moving emotion and experience through the body, and moving through a lifetime from birth to death.

Both stillness and movement are necessary and important aspects of being embodied. Through movement, we address physical pain and imbalances in the musculoskeletal system. Movement influences the endocrine system, the healthy flow of our circulation, and the vitality of the life-force through the gross physical body and the subtle channels of our energy body; all  affecting our health and capacity for more refined levels of consciousness and awareness. Movement allows us to digest all that we experience in a non-verbal way, which is often deeper and more authentic than what we can speak purely through verbal language. It also allows us to bring into our experience that which might not otherwise be able to be expressed or made conscious.  

Through movement, we can experience, digest, and transform our emotional life, allowing integration to occur that keeps us from freezing and blocking our capacity to be fully embodied and in the flow of life as a participant, contributors, and receivers.  

All of this can be experienced through different movement modalities, as well as through a more organic and unstructured way of allowing natural movement that comes forth spontaneously from within the individual rather than imposing an outer form upon the body.  Through Whole Movement, we are lead to a deeper integration that opens us to the experience of intimacy with ourselves and with life, and to Wholeness, the centralizing experience of inner union.

In Whole Movement Sessions with Cary, you are gently guided and given space to unwind energetic, emotional, and physical holding patterns and to move into deeper connections in the body as you find natural integration from your own centralizing Source. Contact Cary or scroll down to read about Movement Plus Psyche.

Cary Twomey, Mark Jarecke Dance Company
Movement Plus Psyche 

Movement Plus Psyche Sessions

Movement Plus Psyche Sessions are where we combine both the work with the psyche and movement in one session. These sessions are about addressing your whole person, your whole psyche-conscious and unconscious. This is a working space for us to dive into you and the psyche, not only through conversation but also through the body via movement. There is a structure to the psyche, and our work with it here includes facilitating movement as well as conversation.

In these 1-1 sessions, Movement Plus Psyche develops organically and spontaneously from where the client is in each session. It grows organically and naturally. These sessions open up the work beyond just movement or just psyche into a greater unifying field of experience, and are an evolution of Cary's 30+ years of training and experience in dance and movement, along with her 22+ years of training and personal work with Jung's methods of working with the psyche. Scroll down for appointment details. 


Contact Cary to inquire or book a session. Read more about Psyche~Jungian Contemplative Self-Study with Cary.

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