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Yoga & Meditation

Pathways to the Self

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What is Yoga?


Yoga is the sister science of Ayurveda, and these two healing pathways are essentially inseparable. Yoga is in it's purest form when practiced and studied in relation to Ayurveda. Yoga is an ancient science of physical and spiritual practices to develop the body and the psycho-spiritual dimension of oneself. There are many different approaches to this ancient science of Self-Realization, and today in our modern culture you can find references to various styles of practice. Through the practice of Asana, (physical postures and movements), Pranayama (structured practices of breathwork), Mudra (gestures made with the hands or body), Mantra (the chanting and repetition of Sacred Sound), Meditation (mind training), and Purification (cleansing practices to prepare the body for deeper states of awareness), one is able to engage in a process of physical, mental and spiritual growth and development. This is a science that grows with the evolution of our world and culture and is accessible to everyone. There are varying degrees in which one can engage in the practice of Yoga and Meditation. Yoga and Meditation are Universal Science, not Religion. They are pathways to greater consciousness and ultimately to inner unification. This internal Source is universal, present, and available to all no matter what name we call it. Therefore, no matter what one's age or personal religious or spiritual background might be, it is possible to engage the practice of Yoga and to deepen your connection to the One-Spirit behind all spiritual paths while supporting your own greater health and well-being.


The style of yoga taught at Midwest Dharma Wheel is Classical Yoga, informed by our lifetime of study and practice. Our classes and training are rooted in Ayurveda's knowledge and in the understanding that the way we approach our practice deeply influences our state of balance and our development. You will find our classes are a creative mix of traditional Classical Hatha yoga and alignment, with movement that facilitates the flow of Prana, the life-giving energy of consciousness surrounding and flowing in the body. This flow of Prana, allows one to move towards greater health and increased harmony in daily life.


Cary and Lee's classes have a strong anatomical as well as a meditative aspect. They have many years of training in anatomy, kinesiology, rehabilitative movement, meditation, and yoga rooted in their years of study while living in NYC. They are both extensively trained and practiced in Ayurveda and Classical Yoga, bringing forward an authentic traditional practice rooted in the wisdom of Ayurveda. They were the first to bring Ayur-Yoga to Nebraska and have been teaching Yoga & Ayurveda and serving their community in Lincoln since 2002.    


In addition to our group classes and private one-to-one

yoga instruction, Cary offers a Weekly Meditation Group on

Sunday's 9:30-11:30 AM-by application.  You can find details on

how to participate in the Meditation page of our site.  


Weekly Group Yoga Classes~In person & on Zoom:

Mondays 6-7:30 PM CT  Evening Yoga, Open Level 

Thursdays 6-7 AM CT   Rise & Shine Yoga, Open Level 

Saturdays 9:30-11 AM CT  Yoga Deep Practice, Open Level 

Sundays 9:oo AM CT  Karma Yoga

                10-11:15 AM CT  Dharma Talk & Practice

*See details on the Mentoring or Meditation Pages.


Single Class Drop-In $15

10 Class Card*  $105

5 Class Card*  $65 

Zoom Link for Yoga & Pilates Group Classes:


Meeting ID: 815 0088 1877

Passcode: MDW 

Visit our On-Line Shop to purchase a single class or a class card.

*Class cards are valid for all our group classes.

All class cards are valid for three months after purchase, after three months they will expire. Class cards are non-refundable. 

*Please email or call the center to reserve your place in class. Mats and props are provided.


Private Yoga Sessions Options (Fees available upon request)

Privates & Semi-Private Sessions

Rehab/Yoga Therapy Sessions

Private Group Classes 

Travel to your location 

Please note our 24-hour cancelation policy for Private & Semi-Private Sessions. All appointments will be charged in full for cancelations or changes made in less than 24hrs of your scheduled appointment time.  


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