Contemplative Wholeness Mentoring

Integrating Psychological and Contemplative Practice 

Individual Guidance

Cary offers one-to-one mentoring to individuals who wish to have wholeness guidance in their personal life. Her work is inclusive of a Jungian psycho-therapeutic approach and Eastern contemplative practice; Meditation-influenced by the Eastern Vedic and Buddhist traditions, and with self-care rooted in the tradition of Ayurveda.


Mentoring with Cary can involve weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions to share, discuss, and receive guidance and personal support. As these sessions unfold, Cary will guide the development of a personal practice grounded in meditative contemplative traditions but informed by the personal journey of the individual.


These sessions may include:

  • Deep personal support and care.

  • Nurturing of an individual path of development.

  • Processing and integrating the psychological material that emerges.

  • The inclusion of the conscious and Unconscious in the spiritual process.

  • Dreamwork and psycho-analysis.

  • Guidance in meditation.

  • Introduction to Eastern-Vedic or Buddhist practices if applicable.

  • Movement.

As with any mentoring process, there is a need for a certain level of commitment and regularity. 

Those participating in mentoring with Cary might also be recommended to participate in the weekly Sunday Meditation Practice Group if applicable to each individual's process.  This can be discussed with Cary. 

To read about our Weekly Meditation Group click on the link below.