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 Wholeness Mentoring

Individual Guidance

Cary offers one-to-one mentoring to individuals who wish to have wholeness guidance in their personal life and with their spiritual practice. Her work is inclusive of a Jungian-based approach and Eastern contemplative practice; Meditation-influenced by the Eastern Vedic and Buddhist traditions, and with self-care rooted in the tradition of Ayurveda.


Mentoring with Cary can involve weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions to share, discuss, and receive compassionate support. As these sessions unfold, Cary will guide the development of a personal practice grounded in meditative contemplative traditions but informed by the personal journey of the individual of you so choose.


These sessions can include:

  • Deep personal support and care.

  • Nurturing of an individual path of development.

  • The inclusion of the conscious and Unconscious in the spiritual process.

  • Dreamwork, looking at our dream symbols.

  • Guidance in meditation.

  • Movement.

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