Whole Movement~
Body, Psyche, & The Subtle Energy Body

Individualized Integration Through Movement


Whole Movement Sessions


Movement is a vital aspect of our existence.  All of life is about integrating with movement-moving our body in space, moving emotion and experience through the body, and moving through a lifetime from birth to death.

Both stillness and movement are necessary and important aspects of being embodied. Through movement, we address physical pain and imbalances of the musculoskeletal system, movement influences the endocrine system, the vitality of our circulation, as well as the flow of prana through the gross physical body and the subtle channels of our energy body, affecting our health and our capacity for more refined levels of consciousness and awareness. Movement allows us to digest all that we experience in a non-verbal way, which is often deeper and more authentic than what we can speak of purely through verbal language, and it also allows us to bring into our experience that which might not otherwise be able to be expressed or made conscious.  

Through movement, we can experience, digest, and transform our emotional life; allowing integration to occur that keeps us from freezing and blocking our capacity to be fully embodied and in the flow of life as a participant, contributor, and receiver.  

All of this can be experienced through different movement modalities, as well as through a more organic and unstructured way of allowing natural movement that comes forth spontaneously from within the individual, rather than imposing an outer form upon the body.  

In these movement sessions, you are guided and given space to unwind energetic, emotional, and physical holding patterns and find natural integration arising from the centralizing source within, allowing joy and freedom to emerge.

What is Pilates?

Developed over 90 years ago by Joseph H. Pilates, the Pilates M
ethod of movement are a unique system of stretching, strengthening, whole-body movement, and breath. The Pilates work is done on the floor on a mat or on specialized pieces of equipment that involve the whole body working together as an integrated whole rather than only one part or muscle group at a time. Working with spring resistance and pulleys, the exercises progress in a specific sequence to integrate greater movement skills resulting in a more fully integrated body, mind, breath, and energy. This work not only addresses the physical body but the subtle energetic body as well. With a deeper working knowledge of this aspect of our being, one is able to address the coordination of the more subtle Pranic, energy and breath, dimension of our being. This leads to greater efficiency and integration.

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The exercises balance strength, flexibility, and stability, and support the development of long, lean muscle tone, as well as improving both balance and coordination skills. This method increases body awareness, promotes greater efficiency, and creates new pathways for better body mechanics and posture. Both the mat work exercises and equipment use will increase circulation, calm the nervous system, and tone the organs, increasing overall health and a sense of well-being. Pilates is excellent for repatterning injurious habits and chronic pain, injury prevention, and neuromuscular education. Pilates is an excellent complement to sports. It strengthens hips, knees, and ankles for running, improves your golf swing, and enhances performance and stamina for all physical activity. It is important to have a well-qualified instructor.



Our Pilates Movement Studio 


Our first studio was originally founded when we lived in NYC.  We opened in 1998

as NoHo Pilates Studio in downtown Manhattan where it still thrives today. 

In 2002 Cary and Lee moved back home to Lincoln and opened Haymarket Studio

where they taught for 18 years before opening Midwest Dharma Wheel.

Here at MDW, we offer a full-service Pilates studio, which nurtures a broad base 

and age of clients in the Pilates method for general conditioning, for performance-

specific training, injury prevention, and movement re-patterning.  

New clients, regardless of prior training, begin with an introductory 

evaluation session. Goals and an individualized program are established 

after this session. The program is updated as the client’s needs and skill level 

change. Training begins one-on-one with the teacher until the client is relatively independent. At the discretion of the teacher, 

the client can graduate to duet and semi-private sessions while maintaining his/her individualized program. Our referrals come from clients, doctors, yoga teachers, physical and massage therapists, and other studios. The intake process may indicate the need for medical diagnosis or doctor’s consent to establish safe parameters to begin training.  


Cary and Lee are both third-generation Pilates teachers. They were trained by the elders of this method and prefer to hold the original intentions and gifts of this method. In this way, they prefer not to hold sessions where several people are lined up on the Pilates Reformer or other Pilates equipment and given group classes. Although this gives a general workout, holding sessions in that way remains superficial and dilutes the original intention of the Pilates work. It also sets people up for possible injury in doing exercises they may not be prepared to do. What makes working on the Pilates equipment so special is that each person can be given individualized training and the full attention of the teacher. Individualized movement sessions that apply to each person's specific needs go much deeper and the results are far greater than one can go in only a group setting. Although you will find group Reformer classes offered in gyms and some Pilates studios we prefer to hold onto the original approach of giving the individual a deeper and more personal experience.












Weekly Group Pilates Mat Classes


We also offer ongoing weekly Pilates Mat classes. These are open-level classes and are centered around whoever is in the class that day. Everyone is welcome to attend as long as you do not have any physical injuries or needs that require one-to-one special attention. Your safety and well-being are important to us. In these cases, we will recommend that you come in for a private session or a series of private sessions to accommodate your personal needs and physical situation.  

Our mat classes offer integrated strength training, joint range of motion, safe stretching, alignment awareness, dynamic posture exploration, anatomical knowledge, and movement efficiency training. At times we include Theraband work as shown here. We also teach self-care through movement and will draw on our training in other methodologies such as Kinesiology, Laban, or Bartineff Fundamentals. Our teachers have sound and seasoned training in anatomy and injury prevention.

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Pilates with Lee tonight at Midwest Dhar

Ongoing Weekly Group Movement & Pilates Mat Classes:


Currently, during this Covid time, we have a weekly Pilates Mat class over Zoom, 

Tuesdays 6-7:15 PM  Open Level Class with Lee

Go to the Yoga Page to view our weekly online Yoga class schedule.

We are offering in-person private Pilates, Yoga, and  Rehab Movement Sessions in the MDW Movement Studio.

Single Class Drop-In  $15

 10 Class Card*  $105

5 Class Card*  $65  




*Class cards are valid for all group classes*

All Class cards are valid for three months after purchase, after three months they will expire.

 Class cards are non-refundable.


Please email or call the studio to reserve your place in class.  

Mats and props are provided.