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Archetypal Symbols & Inner Work as a Gateway to the Self

Jungian Contemplative Self-Study© has evolved from the multi-dimensional mandala of my own personal work, study, and training in eastern practice from the young age of 14 years, as well as my training of over 20 years with Jungian Analysis, Jung's understanding of the psyche, and the individual journey towards wholeness.

I'm passionate about the evolution of this creative inner work and teaching into what I feel is a rich offering for the individual in a society where the personal inner world is at times lost to the collective and group process, often leaving one's personal exploration of an authentic spiritual life left unmet. These sessions are a personalized branch of what we offer at our Contemplative Center. You can read more about working with me below~

Archetypal symbol and Dream Study is a rich aspect of Jung's legacy that can be explored to find meaning in our own lives. Throughout time, symbols have been a healing and transformative tool for all cultures. Jung's work is noted for bringing forward a greater understanding of symbols, the psyche, and the Unconscious. Jung understood and directly experienced how the Unconscious is always at work attempting to guide us through life. He understood how our collective and personal symbols support the unique development of the individual towards the center of wholeness. Symbols appear in all traditions and are an important aspect of our connection to the healing archetype of the Self, our Deep Essential Nature. 

Cary's many years of personal process and training with Jungian Analysis and her exploration and practice in eastern spiritual traditions, where symbols are a vital aspect of inner transformation, have greatly informed her life. This has drawn others to want to share and converse with her in their own process of deepening their relationship with the Self that is our wholeness and centralizing totality. Her view and support are inclusive of all traditions east & west. She is available to explore with you.  

White Tara Mandala .jpg

The Mandala is an archetypal image of Wholeness

which exists in all cultures in different forms.

It represents the trancendent totality, the Divinity within.


With my Mentor Mary Bowen NYC

Cary Twomey is a 3rd generation Lay Jungian Analyst. She has worked with and trained under 2nd generation Jungian Analyst Mary Bowen. Mary trained in Jungian Analytical Psychology over 52 years ago with her analyst Erlo van Waveren and supervisor Ann van Waveren for 20 plus years in New York City; they both trained with and became personal friends with Carl Gustav Jung himself in Zurich, Switzerland. Cary's mentor, Mary, is also a Pilates Elder who studied directly with Joseph & Clara Pilates and has taught Pilates for 45 years, alongside her practice as a Jungian Analyst of over 50 years.

Cary has done over 20 years of her own Jungian Analysis, physical movement exploration, and analytical Jungian training with Mary on-going over two decades. They developed a very close relationship during which she apprenticed with her several hours weekly over the 20+ years, receiving direct training, guidance, supervision, and then complete authorization by Mary Bowen in 2004 to work with, teach, and guide others in Jung's methods of Dream Interpretation, Jung's Typology, and self-study in the alchemical process of Individuation.


Cary has shared her experience of Dream Study and creative exploration of symbols and movement with others through that lens for the last 17 yrs. She also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance, which has informed the creative aspect of self-inquiry, is a Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor & Practitioner with 28 years of experience and apprenticeship, and a Certified Pilates & Yoga teacher of 29 years. She was granted authorization to guide and teach the meditation traditions of both India and Tibet in 2007. 

These sessions with Cary can include conversation and exploration of your dream symbols, typology, and personal meaning, as well as your inner spiritual life. Movement, art, or exploration of how the inner life and the body can find deeper connectivity, ease, and expression can be included. For those that wish to go deeper into your meditation practice, you can inquire about Cary's weekly Meditation and Study Group.

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