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Weekly Meditation and Contemplative Practice 


Our current weekly practice group is engaged in a study course, and enrollment is now closed for this series. If you are interested in joining Cary's next meditation series, please click the button here to add your name to the waitlist. We will contact you when registration opens.

Weekly Meditation & Study Group


This group meets weekly for meditation and contemplative practice. It is a container for meditation and teachings rooted in authentic spiritual practice. Cary's teaching draws on her many years of study, training, and practice in Eastern traditions. She will include teachings on Ayurveda as well as Jungian and yogic understandings of the psyche and the journey of consciousness.  


Participation requires a monthly membership fee. If you are interested in this process, please contact us to join when the next group starts. 


Weekly Meditation Practice & Teaching:


  • Weekly guided meditation 

  • Focus on inner work and healthy integration with all aspects of  life

  • Learn authentic meditation practice

  • Receive personal guidance

  • Monthly teachings 

  • Online access to videos & audio downloads

  • Provides a consistent container for contemplative practice

  • Clarification & guidance as you develop an authentic practice

  • Guidance towards continuous integration with our True Nature

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