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Recordings For Purchase


Intro to Ayurveda DVD 

Video Teachings from one of Cary's Intro to Ayurveda Workshops.


5+ hours of video teachings $108

This DVD is a treasure for those that love Cary's intimate teaching style. She shares not only the inspired wisdom of Ayurveda but also her personal teachings on how to walk the Spiritual path.  This recording includes her teaching the Sanskrit mantras that she gives to all her students of Ayurveda.  It also has instructions on various aspects of the path, as well as the meditation to take us directly into the deep space of stillness in the heart; the deep silence from which all true knowledge unfolds.

This DVD is excellent for those that want to take a gentle step into the enormous body of Ayurveda's wisdom, and begin to apply it personally. These gems are interwoven with Cary's joyful guidance and invitation, for each of us to step fully into a relationship with our full potential of health and with the Source from which true healing flows. 

Ayurveda For Summer Season ~

Self-Care To Stay Healthy And Balanced In The Summer.

Double Audio CD Set or MP3 Download $25


Learn to stay healthy, cool, and balanced in the summer season. In this audio recording, Cary teaches us how to relate to the summer season in all our activities: diet, routine, yoga practice, movement, self-care, meditation, etc.

Cary has a personal teaching style that makes you feel that she's right there, speaking directly to you.  At the end of this recording, she guides us through a meditation and a few simple hand mudras to work with our energy and attitude in the heat of summer.  

This CD is something to return to each summer to refresh yourself on what is to be avoided, and what to be moving towards during the firey season of summer.  



Cary Summer CD.jpg

Introduction To Tonglen Meditation~

Opening The Heart Of Compassion

Double Audio CD Set or MP3 Download $25

"The practice of Tonglen uncovers the sacred heart of Love and Compassion present in everyone, and exercises our capacity to live it fully." ~Cary

Cary Tonglen CD.jpg

Tonglen is the practice of learning to stay present with our own and others' pain and suffering and to meet it with the heart of compassion and love. Tonglen means 'giving and taking', or sending and receiving, and is a meditation practice that helps us to move into and I/thou relationship with others, meeting them in a more authentic and deeply caring way. It helps us to begin to recognize and feel how we are all interconnected and interdependent. It is a healing meditation done in conjunction with one's breathing, and in relation to one's parents, friends, perceived enemies, and to all beings gathered around oneself. 

In doing this meditation one changes the attitude of seeing oneself as more important than other beings; one will come to consider others as more important than oneself. Tonglen shifts the feeling of being powerless in situations where there is great suffering, rather it unlocks our unlimited capacity of Love, Kindness, Compassion,and Peace.  


The practice of Sending and Receiving helps us to get in touch with the obstacles that prevent us from understanding and caring, responding, and supporting. Through our own experience with suffering and the development of an atmosphere of openness toward it, we can begin to accept and be with ourselves and others in a more open, kind, and understanding way. Our own difficult personal experiences then become the bridge that leads us to compassion, generosity, and fearlessness. The practice of Tonglen uncovers the sacred heart of Love and Compassion present in everyone and exercises our capacity to live it fully.  


The function of the practice of Tonglen is to:


  • Create space for deeper self-acceptance, allowing us to be more available to others.

  • Reduce selfish attachment and increase awareness of others' feelings and needs. 

  • Open our hearts and develop peace.

  • Reduce self-centered behavior and attitudes.

  • Pacify over-consumption.

  • Reduce fear, anxiety, and depression.

  • Purify and uplift the mind through the practice of giving.

  • Awaken to our humanity and a deeper sense of the preciousness of life.

  • Develop and expand loving-kindness, compassion, mercy, all qualities of the Awakened Heart. 

  • Increase joy and well-being.

  • Access our unbounded spacious Buddha Nature, the authentic deep Self.

Sacred Sounds of Sadhana~

Chants To Awaken Our Divine Nature


Learning & Practice Audio CD $15


This is an audio CD to support your practice of Sacred Sound. These are the basic introductory chants that Cary teaches to all her students of Yoga and Ayurveda. Chant along as you do your morning practice of meditation and prayer, or listen while you are driving or working around the house. This is a great way to learn the chants that are fundamental to our recognition of clarity, interconnectedness, and wholeness.  They will help you keep your mind clear, bright, and moving from the higher Self within.  

The Mandala Principle~

The Cosmic Map of Wholeness

Double Audio CD or MP3 Download $40

Cary teaches on the Mandala Principle as it has appeared throughout history in various cultures. She unfolds the deeper understanding of the Mandala from the Jungian, as well as the Eastern Indian, and Tibetan Buddhist Perspective.  

This is a wonderful introduction to the Mandala. Highly recommended for those that are learning the Mandala meditation practices.  

Individuation on an Eastern & Western Path~  

MP3 Audio Download $35


Cary Twomey talks about the process of Individuation and integration of East & West on the spiritual path. She discusses how both Eastern & Western approaches to awakening can be brought together in service of coming to consciousness and Self-Realization. In this talk, she touches on the importance of the individual inner journey as well as the psychological dynamics and pitfalls that can arise as we travel the path. Touching on some of the foundational teachings of both the Buddhist and Yogic traditions, Cary discusses how it relates to the psychological process that is available and necessary for true maturation to unfold.  

We have a physical experience, a feeling-emotional life, and a relational life with the world that must also be included as we dive into inner work. We each have our own dimension that must be acknowledged and worked with as the primary territory of the journey.  

In this talk, we are reminded of what is essential and what cannot be denied as we make the inner journey towards the deep Self. 

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