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Hello Everyone~

The sign-up page for our new Dharma Vidya Online is now available!

Please click on the link provided below and it will take you to the sign up page on the website. Once you register you will begin to receive monthly Dharma talks as described below. The first talk will be available this week, you will be notified when it is uploaded and available for listening.

We hope that you will join us in this enriching Heart Space connection and that it is uplifting and nurturing for your life!

Please share this sign-up link with those who you feel would be interested!

Subscribe To Our Monthly Dharma Talks

Info on the Monthly Dharma Talks~

As we wake up to find ourselves in a completely new situation, I have been reflecting on how I can be of most help. I've recently been asked to offer something that I hope can be of help to you.

In the coming months, I will be offering a Dharma Talks subscription in which you can receive regular recordings from me to uplift your days and to inspire you on how to make our own personal changes in order to move forward in a manner that is healthy for you. These talks will be on living in alignment with the higher laws of nature, enriching support for your well-being, and encouraging ways to return to your basic goodness.

The Dharma Talks will include:

~Ayurveda's universal and far-reaching wisdom for living life in a healthful & conscious manner.

~Yogic wisdom & philosophy for physical refinement & spiritual evolution.

~Jungian Psychology perspectives for healthy Psyche & Spirit and how to stay the course of your personal Individuation process.

~Suggestions for diet & self-care in these times, with occasional healthy recipes to serve as inspirations for your own cooking.

~Physical recommendations to offer support & care for your body.

~Jyotish, Vedic Astrology updates on what the overarching archetypal planetary situation requires from us & the remedies to find balance throughout each cycle.

~Spiritual practice & meditation recommendations & guidance.

~Support and counsel as we walk the path of life going forward.

For now, I am choosing to keep these talks in recorded voice and written format. You will have access to a new talk about every week or every fortnight according to the digestion time each one calls for. These will be simple, direct and in support of your life, relationships and spiritual growth. But most of all, I sincerely hope that they will feel personally uplifing and prove to be of help to you. As we go along, I welcome your feedback and requests for talks on topics that you feel would be helpful in your personal life.

The Dharma Talks subscription fee is $42 per month. It will be charged automatically to your account on the first of each month. The proceeds from these talks go directly to maintaining Midwest Dharma Wheel's local base in Lincoln, Nebraska, as well as supporting our upcoming online access program~Dharma Vidya.

After you sign up, watch for the first inspiring Dharma talk to arrive in your mailbox in the new few days!

Subscribe To Our Monthly Dharma Talks

I so look forward to connecting with all of you through this channel of inspiration and soulful living! Be well and keep taking good care, and I hope that you will join me in the Dharma Talks heart space that will begin this week.

Much Love,

Cary Twomey,

Midwest Dharma Wheel & Dharma Vidya Online

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