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Ayurvedic Healing Treatments Instead Of Antibiotics

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Will arrived in my office having been given antibiotics as the option to his on-going sinus and chest congestion-which in Allopathic medicine is the typical treatment. We need to become more mindful and aware of our other options because when we take antibiotics too frequently they destroy the body’s healthy gut bacteria and weaken our natural capacity to fight off infections. If given the right support, in many cases such as Will's, the body can find a pathway to healing in a completely different way.

After reading Will’s pulse according to Ayurvedic methodology. Having through that process learned what is out of balance in his body, I can then give him an SVA Marma treatment so that we can support his body's natural immunity and keep him off the antibiotics. The Marma Therapy treatment will begin to support his healing process right on the spot. Two minutes into the treatment Will proclaims that he feels better already! He says it feels SO good and he is very interested in what it is that I'm using in his treatment. The feeling, the smells of the herbs, and the soothing touch to his body ignite an extraordinary healing process to begin. I also showed Will a very powerful and simple meditation for him to use when he feels sick, scared, anxious, or afraid, to help him to immediately connect to the Source within to provide the needed support in those moments.

Instead of antibiotics, we used our SVA transdermal herbal medicine to open the channels of his lungs and sinuses and to lubricate them. I gave him our natural herbal antibiotic support to treat the bacterial infection. I also encouraged Will to blow his nose more often, he had been resisting this prior to our visit, and the bacteria was building up in his nose and sinus cavity and beginning to affect his bronchial tubes. He was up at night coughing, causing neither he nor his mother, to get enough sleep so that his body could heal.

In our visits, Will is learning how to take care of his own body and how to help himself when he isn't feeling well. Before he left the office, his blocked channels were open and flowing, he was breathing through his nose again, and afterward, he was running into the meditation Temple to play the ritual drums with his brother. This is the environment that Will and his brother Charlie are growing up around and receiving health care in. Can you imagine having that as a child? What a difference this makes for them! You can see in the picture below by his smiling face at the end of our hour together that he is feeling good.

The next morning his mom sent a message saying he didn’t cough at all last night or that morning, and that he’s doing much better! We have successfully shortened the duration of his illness, nourished his lungs, throat, and bronchial tissues, and most importantly, kept him off of the antibiotics. This has saved his body from the further stripping of healthy gut bacteria and the resulting weaknesses that occur with the frequent use of antibiotics. There is a time and place for everything, including antibiotics. But this was not the answer to Will's situation. If his mother hadn't been familiar with our approach from years of her own Ayurvedic treatments with me and brought Will into the office, she would have unknowingly gone the typical route of antibiotics and Will would have missed out on being so connected, alive, and feeling good in his own body.

Through the SVA Marma Therapy and my teacher Rama Kant Mishra's extraordinary herbal formulas, this young man has been given a much richer and more effective treatment and experience of what it means to pay a visit to the doctor. Our Ayurvedic approach is to nurture the clearest most natural and direct path to health. Using our natural healing methods, we restore the flow of Prana in the body and protect and strengthen the body's natural ability to find balance.

Thanks to my teacher, Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra with whom I directly learned how to truly help others to heal, many adults, children, and babies in our Ayurvedic healing clinic are benefiting from non-violent and extraordinary methods of Ayurvedic Medicine.

Cary Twomey

BFA, Ayurvedic Doctor, Jungian Analyst

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