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Corona Virus~Tips for Self-Care & Redirecting Fear

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

I’d like to sent some encouragement during these very difficult and vulnerable times. Here I'm address the Corona Virus outbreak, and particularly the fear and anxiety this kind of situation can bring. Fear will subside if we begin to put into action some of the foundational laws of nature, and give more value to how we take care of ourselves. I will offer a few basic tips here. These are impactful, as they form some of the basic pillars of health according to Ayurveda's ancient medical science. These tips are rooted in the fundamental laws of the 5 elements, and if you’re able to incorporate just these alone to begin with, you will be greatly increasing your overall health and immunity.

I’ve been advising all those that I treat with Ayurveda to remember to go back to the basics. We often take these foundational actions for granted, and if we take an honest look, we might find that we haven't been including the down-to-earth pillars for strong health in a truly consistent way.

You can start by aligning yourself with the flow of Nature and surrendering to her natural laws. Put yourself into the Great (Grand) Mother’s kitchen and start to follow these recommendations to safeguard your health and to strengthen your immunity. I’ve included just a few to start with so that you will feel empowered to take them on and not get overwhelmed.

Here's what you can start to do:

~Start now cleaning up your diet. Eliminate all junk food, processed food, sugar, left-overs, channel-clogging foods, nightshades, and salty junk snacks. If you start by just doing this already you will feel better. In taking away those things, you may see how much you fill up with dead food that has no Prana~the pure life-force energy. That can be a very good mirror showing how you are depriving yourself of clean, life-giving foods. That hole will need to be filled, this is what you should start filling it with:

~Add a spiced stewed apple to your day every morning. Chop one apple with the skin left on. Add water until covered. Add 3 cloves (cloves need to be there to open your channels) and if you’d like, add 1 cinnamon stick. Simmer until softly cooked. Eat this EVERY morning first thing when you rise. Wait 1 hour to have your breakfast, and make it a wholesome hearty one-oatmeal, etc.

~Add more fresh vegetables to your meals each day. They should be warm, not cold salads, etc. It is too cold for that now, and it will disrupt your digestion and your immunity. Every day, be sure to lightly sauté some fresh veggies in good pro-biotic Ghee. Add turmeric, cumin, fennel & coriander-1/4 tsp each. Do this every day at lunch and dinner if you can. If for some reason you can't do this at lunch, then at least at dinner time. Include lots of green veggies, but also rotate your vegetables so that you are having a variety of seasonal, local vegetables and micro-nutrients. Include more whole grains.

~Take some homemade yogurt WITH YOUR LUNCH MEAL. You can eat it with your food, or make it into a lassi with toasted spices of cumin, coriander & fennel. 3 finger pinch each of these spices dry toasted and blended with 20% yogurt, 80% spring water and sip with your lunch meal. Don't eat yogurt in the morning or evening hours.

~Get enough rest~go to bed earlier than you usually do, at least by 9:30 pm but earlier if you can. Wake up with the rising sun. If you do this consistently for 3 months you will begin to feel like a totally different person AND you will have stronger immunity.

~Give yourself a warm oil massage 1-2x weekly with herbal oil suited to your constitution. Let it soak into your skin for 20 minutes, then bathe.

~Throughout the day sip a warm strong tea made of cloves, cardamom, ginger & tulsi.

~Take on a daily meditation or contemplative prayer practice. Settle your mind. Watch where your mind is going as a result of not being in our normal routines & behaviors. The mind is likely running off into scared, exaggerated, anxious-making thoughts & ideas. Meditation yokes us to the Sacred & brings us back to the here-and-now. There is inherent support & protection in that. Daily prayer or chanting/reciting mantras has a direct and powerful effect on our minds, hearts, and deeper energy; thus uplifting the vibration & strength of our subtle field as well as the gross physical body.

~Stretch, dance, do Pilates, or some yoga. In addition to walking, we need to move our bodies in different directions, in varying ways, and at different levels of exertion. This actually has a direct effect on our minds & energy. Since we are all being held in place these days, it's really important that you get up out of your chair & move through space. I recommend 15 minutes of daily dancing with music that you love!

~DO wear a mask & be disciplined regarding social distancing. DON'T take unnecessary risks of gathering with others outside of your daily bubble. Your life & the lives of those you love dearly ARE NOT worth losing. BE DISCIPLINED around your containment right now. This is a serious situation we are facing globally & not to be messed around with. Eventually, life will return to a more natural flow, but not until we all work towards it. This is not the time to do whatever you feel like or want to do. Be mature in your choices & behavior-it is your responsibility as a human being.

~There are specific herbal recommendations that I am making during this time. This ALWAYS needs to be individually based so as not to disrupt or interfere with the whole of one's state of being and current constitutional state. You are welcome to contact me for personalized recommendations for not only herbs, but the other areas of your life. I encourage you NOT TO START TAKING supplements or herbs without the advice of a professionally trained and experienced practitioner who is taking into consideration your individual constitution and your current state.

These tips are rooted in the Laws of Nature and are things you can feel empowered to do that don’t cost anything except for a little self-discipline! The cosmic laws and rhythms, and the elements that make up your body are intimately interconnected.

By starting with these simple fundamental tips you will receive the innate protection of Nature. If these things aren’t in place, then all the other things we try to do to protect ourselves from coming down with the virus aren’t as potent, nor will they last long. Put these tips into action in your life starting today and you will feel an immediate difference.

It may take several weeks before you can actualize these as a part of your daily life, but begin by incorporating one at a time and do the best you can without being rigid. You will be setting the ground for protection by strengthening your immunity.

You can find my simple warm veggie meals on our website blog posts and watch for them here on my FB page. Feel free to contact me to make a personal appointment to receive support and recommendations for your overall health that are specific to you.

Please stay safe in your conduct. Blessings for hearty immunity & ease of heart~


Cary Twomey

BFA, D. Ayur, Jungian Analyst

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