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Autumn's Invitation To Pause and Feel Deeply~

Each time the season changes, we are invited to take pause. Within the pause is a field of deep silence. At these times of transition, if we can allow ourselves to slow down and turn inward, we begin to feel that there is perfect movement occurring within the stillness. The five elements are dancing and swirling, shifting from one dynamic flow to another. Playing in the field of dynamism, they are re-organizing the whole of nature and we are included in that process unfolding.

Autumns Invitation To Feel Deeply

In our efforts to find meaning and connection, we layer so much on top of ourselves, even what appears to be in the name of health and well-being. The transition between each season is an invitation to let go of this external grasping, and to return to the basic ground of Being.

If we can allow genuine pause, all other actions we choose to do will be in accordance with our deepest needs, and in alignment with nature’s law. It's here that we receive the most powerful guidance, the knowingness that arises from the stillness and silence of our Being.

With the arrival of Autumn, we are invited to turn inwards and discover the richness within. In order to do this, we need to slow down and allow ourselves to feel deeply enough. The function of feeling allows us to recognize what is of value. How can we live life from the core of our being and truly fulfill what is meaningful of we do not allow ourselves to take pause and feel more deeply? This act of allowing oneself to feel more deeply releases us from the grip of superficiality and invites us into a genuine relationship with life. This means we must take the time to look inward and discover the deeper treasure, rather than just going off the top. When we grant ourselves permission to pause and enter the deep silence, we are relaxing back into our essence nature where we go beyond the thinking and conceptualizing function of mind. This allows an unraveling or a freeing up of our confusions, misperceptions, judgements and fears.

The crispness of Fall is beckoning us to make the inward turn. If we can become still and quiet enough, we will begin to feel extraordinary richness arising from within. This is the sacred field of not too much, not to little. What is present and available right now is enough. This allows us to feel the abundant treasure of equanimity not based on what we have or have acquired, but rather a richness unfolding from the Ground of Being itself. From here we can begin to discern what is really necessary and what isn't, what is truly needed and what isn't. Earth element begins to arise as stability, connectedness, and a luminous feeling of abundance and peace. From here our actions in the world begin to reflect this quality of earthy abundance, and everyone is included in this, no one is left behind. We are simultaneously connected to the Source within, and grounded in our humanity. It's here that we begin to experience the reality that we are in this journey together. It's no longer every person for themselves. But rather, one human family that can either work together supporting one another to have their basic needs met, or eventually bring about massive destruction and despair as we move further and further into greed and self-absorption.

So take pause now, while the greater energy is calling us to do so. From here, we can take steps to shift the momentum towards what is generous and deeply healing for ourselves and for our entire human family.

Questions to ask yourself:

How do you feel about everything that has unfolded in your life this year?

How did you meet life's invitation to participate and respond?

How do you feel right now?

How does your life support not only yourself, but others as well?

Excerpts taken from Cary Twomey's upcoming book, "Mandala of the Seasons, Feminine Wisdom for returning to Wholeness."

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