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In a world of change, what never changes?

What is Unchanging?

We are constantly shifting, fluctuating, and changing; this is the nature of the elements, of the energy winds, and of the mind and emotions. But, it is our essence Nature that doesn't change, the Unchanging Presence and it's radiance. If we didn't have this body, we wouldn't be able to relate to the world, to this life. So, although the body and experiences are always shifting and fluctuating, and it seems there's nothing to hold on to, we must still care for our bodies with great enthusiasm. For the body is the house, the Temple, the very expression of our Divinity. This begins to radiate more fully as all that obscures it breaks down and falls away.

That which does not change is the space of the Heart-this is the unchanging Presence. The heart of peace and love is always present. This is what we return to each day in our meditation, prayers, and contemplation. It is like a jewel, radiating a multitude of qualities; and it's always available to radiate towards others, meeting all circumstances that are arising. This is the true, authentic Love that is beyond our petty preferences, and is the one thing that does not change when day to day, week after week, it seems that nothing is the same. This luminosity becomes the guiding force of our lives as we gradually learn to trust, and to live, from that which is ungraspable yet always present.

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