Teresa's Vegetable Medley

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Today is Day 7 of our thread on HOW TO EAT SIMPLY TO IMPROVE YOUR OVERALL HEALTH & BUILD RESPONSIVE IMMUNITY~This is a series to follow up Cary's previous posts on CORONA VIRUS: Tips for Self-Care and Redirecting Fear. All can be found on our website blog.

I am highlighting VERY SIMPLE veggie recipes in this series, so that you will be inspired to focus your self-care towards that which is positive and uplifting. Watch for a daily post over the next two weeks. In this thread I will be sharing recipes from several of my close students who have been studying Ayurveda and Meditation with me over the years. They have been learning to live simply and in harmony with the rthymns of nature. As a result, their health has become stronger and their minds more joyful and positive.