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Sacred Ritual

Rest within the Sacred Space of abiding Presence~

In surrending the outward search for fullfillment and turning towards the True Self within, the spiritual aspirant finds the unending Joy of our Essential Nature~

A beautiful week of puja for Maha Shivaratri, the annual time in the Vedic/Yogic calendar to withdraw the externalizing senses and absorb oneself in sacred Presence. Sacred ritual done with devotion and intention to yoke oneself to inner divinity brings extraordinary upliftment and inspiration. Puja enbues us with Divine life-force energy encouraging us to live fully while acting in the world for the highest good.

Below: the men holding sacred space and making offerings during Shiva Ratri puja~

Om Namaha Shivaya~

David makes offerings~

A few images from Maha Shiva Ratri Puja at Midwest Dharma Wheel Temple,

February 2020~

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