Penelope's Cold & Congestion Busting Soup

Day 10 of our thread on~HOW TO EAT SIMPLY TO IMPROVE YOUR OVERALL HEALTH & BUILD RESPONSIVE IMMUNITY~Today's Immune Boosting vegetable dish is Penelope's Cold & Congestion Soup. I call this one cold & congestion-busting because that is exactly what it will do! When we feel we're coming down with a cold or already have some excess mucus and congestion, this is your go-to meal. It is warming, channel-opening (needed when we have congestion), and will help to curb or lessen the onset of a cold. The spices have digestion supporting, immune boosting, and toxin-clearing effects. The barley will help to break up (Kapha) mucus and congestion. In SVAyurveda we don't recommend that you take onions and garlic on a regular basis as they will kill off our much needed healthy gut bacteria, but when you feel you need to break up mucus and clear the ground so a cold doesn't hang around, then these very pungent herbs act as medicine and are permitted.