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Self-Care For Summer~New CD Available

Learn to stay healthy, cool, and balanced in the summer season!

On this audio CD, Cary shares the inspired wisdom of Ayurveda and personal guidance on how to directly apply this knowledge to your own life.

She teaches us how to relate to the summer season in all our activities:

diet, routine, yoga practice, movement, self-care, meditation, etc. At the end of this recording, she guides us through a meditation and a few simple hand mudras to work with our energy and attitude in the heat of summer. This CD is something to return to each summer to refresh yourself on what is to be avoided, and what to be moving towards during the firey season of summer.

On special now for summer~2 audio CDs $20

The double audio CD set includes:

  • Daily seasonal routine for summer

  • Yoga practice and movement for summer season

  • Self-care to keep the fire element balanced

  • Dietary guidelines for summer season

  • Vibrational healing for summer

  • Guided meditation for summer season

  • Simple practice to direct Prana through the body

Cary also offers guidance on finding inner strength as we traverse this current period of enormous change in collective and personal consciousness.

This CD holds information that you’ll want to revisit each summer to protect and guide your health and to learn how to live in harmony with nature. It is rooted in Ayurveda's unchanging wisdom and will be of value to return to year after year.

To order a copy call or email us at:


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