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Put The Breaks On~Early Winter Tip #3

We are well into the early winter, and it's time now for rest and deep self-care. This isn’t the time for externalizing or for new projects to manifest. Early winter is the time to gather yourself and your family to move into the deep retreat of winter. Try to bring closure to the unfinished business of the past year and turn inwards now. Allow your energy and your body to rest, in order to find deeper connections within. Now is not the time to embark on projects that keep you constantly busy. Allow yourself to wind down and run around less. Enjoy stillness!

This can be difficult as our holidays land during the time when we are supposed to do less, but we can make a personal effort to be less frantic and more thoughtful in the way we move through them, getting back to the true spirit of what they represent. We can also become more present and available in heart as we come together with family and friends. This brings the warmth of the fire element alive within, nuturing the love and interdependence that connects us with each other. This is the natural way to counter feelings of despair and loneliness that can arise during this darker season of shorter days and contracting temperatures.

It is a vulnerable time in terms of health as the season becomes colder, windier, and wetter. During this time the body’s natural immunity can become weakened, although it doesn’t have to.

We can make efforts to move through the season with enough rest, wholesome food, and a steady stabilizing routine. This is the safest and most effective flu-shot remedy.

So, align yourself by taking into your heart these intentions:

I am going to slow down.

I am going to do less excessive activities and be more selective.

I am going to turn inwards.

I am going to be present with my own deeper needs and the needs of those around me.

I am going to make an effort to gather with friends and family in the spirit of rememberence...remembering that we won't always be together; slowly, slowly, this moment and each of us will pass.

I am going to get enought rest and make an effort to be to bed by

10 pm, 10:30 pm at the latest.

I am going to eat wholesome food.

I am going to keep the discipline of a healthy daily routine in place rather than floating around too much doing whatever I feel like doing, because I know that it won't end up well.

Try doing these things! Repeat these each morning as affirmations to help you to integrate and align with nature and her flow.

Let these be your structure right now. Make an effort to get some of them under your belt before we move on to the next healing winter tip for returning to Wholeness.



Excerpts taken from, "Mandala Of The Seasons, Feminine Wisdom For Returning To Wholeness." ~Cary Twomey

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