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Winter Mandala~A Desire For Wholeness

"There is a fundamental rhythm present and alive within each of us. This is a rhythm that tells us when we are hungry, that we are tired or overworked, and that we need to extend outward or to pull back inward. This is a pulse that we have forgotten how to listen to, and too often we have chosen to ignore. Vitality, clarity, health and inner peace are available to us in abundance, but these cannot be obtained through our external pursuits alone. A vital inner connection must first be made in order to awaken the internal resources of wisdom. That connection is made through the recognition that we must have balance in our lives. If that desire is not present, then we will have difficulty setting an intention to find a healthy discipline."

Cary Twomey, "Mandala Of The Seasons, Feminine Wisdom For Returning To Wholeness."

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