Sherry's Green Tara Soup

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Pictured here is Green Tara~the highest level of the Divine Feminine in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. She is known for her very swift intervention and for helping us to overcome fear. Tara is not separate from nature. In fact, she is a manifestation of Nature's pure Prana~Her potent life-force energy. Green Tara swiftly releaves suffering by stepping into the world with compassionate enlightened action. I taught the meditation practice of Green Tara to Sherry and her students several years ago, and they have faithfully been practicing it at her Center in Colorado since. They can share many stories of the incredible benefits and blessings of invoking the Sacred Feminine in Green Tara's form. So today, inspired by the presence of Tara herself, we have this potent medicinal recipe to share with you.