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Our Healing Sanctuary

A peek into the healing sanctuary at Midwest Dharma Wheel

Cary is treating a 4-month-old with has mysterious symptoms, and after many visits to allopathic specialists and given several tests,

was left with an undiagnosable response. No treatment suggestions were offered through the conventional route of medical care.

This is her second treatment with Cary. We have uncovered the root cause and are treating this situatuation through Ayurvedic Medicine and hands on bodywork, and are already seeing significant results.

Not only has this little one been given relief for her pain, but her parents are now able to relax knowing that there is something that they can do to help their baby and that an answer to the root cause of this situation has been uncovered. This has been a huge relief to their confusion and fear. Baby Witten is continuing her treatments with Cary at Midwest Dharma Wheel and showing significant improvements each week.

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