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Finding Our Way Back To Authenticity~Winter #2

Winter #2~

"Due to what Ayurvedic Medicine refers to as prajnaparadha, crimes against wisdom, the tissues in our body become distorted and lose the ability to restore health. We may have never learned how to connect to our own mothering capacity; that sense of how to nurture and care for oneself properly. This is reflected in how as a collective society we have continued to disparage Mother Earth, and this ravaging and disrespect of her resources are showing up in our bodies as disease and disharmony. The fundamental rhythms that will bring true healing at the deepest level have been pushed aside by our collective culture, leaving us with poor models for genuine health. We have grown so accustomed to continuous stimulation and have lost a sense of connection to our own deeper resources of healing. The rise in a multitude of ways to have a quick fix, a good body, and perfect health is another manifestation of our cultural sickness. Simple direct ways to live, eat, and follow the flow of nature and Source sacred laws have become totally uninteresting to our hyped-up western culture. If it’s not sexy, trendy, or going to make us famous, then it’s not of value to us at all. This is the danger of our current way of being in relationship to our lives and a direct affront to the sacredness and true purpose of life itself. It promotes a false sense of self and moves us further and further away from the true ground of authenticity."

~Cary Twomey, "Mandala Of The Seasons, Feminine Wisdom For Returning To Wholeness."

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