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Upcoming Events with Cary

Join us for two upcoming events with Cary in Montrose, Colorado:

Tonglen Meditation & Ayurveda for Spring

Introduction to Tonglen Meditation

Opening the Heart of Compassion

March 1st, 6-8 PM

By Donation

The practice of Tonglen uncovers the sacred heart of love and compassion present in everyone and exercises our capacity to live it fully.

Tonglen is the practice of learning to stay present with our own and others suffering, and to meet it with the heart of compassion and love. Tonglen means 'giving and taking', or sending and receiving, and refers to a meditation practice.

It is a healing meditation done in conjunction with one's breathing, and in relation to one's parents, friends, perceived enemies, and to all beings gathered around oneself.

In doing this meditation one changes the attitude of seeing oneself as more important than other beings; one will come to consider others as equally or more important than oneself. Tonglen shifts the feeling of being powerless in situations where there is great suffering.

The practice of Sending and Receiving helps us to get in touch with the obstacles that prevent us from understanding and caring. Through our own experience with suffering and the development of an atmosphere of openness toward it, we can begin to accept and be with ourselves and others in a more open, kind and understanding way. Our own difficult personal experiences then become the bridge that leads us to compassion, generosity, and fearlessness. The practice of Tonglen uncovers the Sacred Heart of Love and Compassion present in everyone and exercises our capacity to live it fully.

The function of the practice of Tonglen is to:

  • Create space for deeper self-acceptance, allowing us to be accepting of ourselves and available to others.

  • Reduce selfish attachment and attitudes increasing awareness of others feelings and needs.

  • Open our hearts and develop peace.

  • Pacify over-consumption.

  • Reduce fear, anxiety, and depression.

  • Clear the mind and uplift the heart through the practice of giving.

  • Awaken to our humanity, our equality, and a deeper sense of the preciousness of life.

  • Develop and expand loving-kindness, compassion, mercy and awakened heart.

  • Increase joy and well-being.

  • Access our unbounded spacious nature.

Cary will teach the time-tested practice of Tonglen and give instruction in the meditation. We will do the practice together.

Private appointments with Cary will be available in Montrose, Colorado on February 28 and March 1st & 2nd. She can meet with you regarding any of the work she does-for guidance with your practice, Ayurvedic Health Consultation, working with dreams & the unconscious, spiritual counsel, or just to make a personal connection.

Please contact Sherry at 970-209-8437 to schedule an appointment.


Ayurveda~Spring Season

Applying Its Unchanging Wisdom In Your Life

Living the rhythm of the seasons, we find a natural support that allows the continual change of life to be less threatening. We can begin to embrace the space within which all change is occurring, and trust that we are held in a flow of grace.

March 2 & 3

Fri 6-8 PM

Sat 9-12 & 2-5

$150 by 2/16, $175 after

Each season has inherent energies which are intimately connected to our physical, emotional, and psychological rhythms. We will learn how to see the opportunity these cycles offer us, and how to strengthen our inner connection to support transformation, renewal, and well-being.

Friday 6-8 PM

Prana~our subtle life force energy, the attributes of the 5 elements of nature, and help us to identify our personal elemental constitution (your personal Prakruti). With this understanding, we will have a personalized base from which to support health and self-care directly and accurately.

Saturday 9-Noon & 2-5 PM

The elemental characteristics of Spring and the challenges they bring to maintaining health. We will learn how to support balance with foods that have the appropriate tastes and energies, and practices to nourish greater health during the Spring as well as during the more vulnerable times when the seasons are shifting.

Specific guidance will be given on:

  • How to support greater health through diet and self-care.

  • Bringing intention and focus to our lives through understanding the purpose of the elemental energies manifesting in this season.

  • Specific contemplative practices and meditation that will support connection to inner qualities and the essential source of healing during the Spring season.

Private appointments with Cary will be available in Montrose, Colorado on February 28 and March 1st & 2nd. She can meet with you regarding any of the work she does. If you would like an Ayurvedic Health Consultation, guidance with your meditation practice, to work with dreams & the Unconscious, spiritual counsel, or just to make a personal connection, she is available. Please contact Sherry at 970-209-8437 to schedule an appointment.

Would you like to join us for this event?

This will be my 9th year returning to Colorado to teach at Spring Creek Yoga. It has become a second home! Over these years I've been teaching Ayurveda, Meditation, Jungian Psychological Work and Dharma to the community there.

Montrose is a beautiful historic Colorado town on the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains, perched in the perfect spot to serve as a retreat getaway.

The city is surrounded by vast stretches of public lands where visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year.

There are hot springs a short drive away and a stunning, unbounded sky lined with mountain ranges-a perfect respite for contemplative practice, study and restoration.

There is easy-to-access lodging a short 5-10 minute drive from the location where our workshops take place. Spring Creek Yoga is a wonderful haven directed by Sherry Truckey, who has been teaching and guiding the Montrose community for over

16 years.

Having returned to teach nearly twice each year, through our partnership I now feel Spring Creek Yoga is a "sister center" to Haymarket Studio. They are a strong community of individuals that are studying and practicing in a similar vein-they are growing their personal and collective lives centered around a commitment to Wholeness.

Under the leadership of Sherry, they have continued to practice what they've learned in all our past retreats, and Sherry has incorporated the life-force of the material into the work she does there. They have integrated these teachings into their personal lives and it has become part of their daily rhythms.

Sherry Truckey~Founder of Spring Creek Yoga

Cary Teaching Ayurveda at Spring Creek Yoga 2015

Pictured below is the main strip of Historic Downtown Montrose. There are a few VERY delicious places to eat here! Two of my favorites are the Indian & Nepalese restaurants in town.

If you would like to attend our upcoming workshops this year or want to know more about how to find lodging in Montrose, contact Sherry at 970-209-8437.

Please feel free to share this retreat info with others that may be interested.

Sherry and I would love to see you in Montrose!



After retreat dinner at Guru's Restaurant, one of our favorite post-retreat Indian & Nepalese dining spots in Montrose! 2017

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