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Shakta Tantra Intensive~ Esoteric Teachings of the Ten Wisdom Goddesses, "Dashamahavidyas"

East Meets West!

December 14-17

Special Guest Teacher

Sreedevi K Bringi


Cary Twomey

At Haymarket Studio's Utpala

Dharma Center


Dec. 14 &15 (Thurs & Fri) 6:30-9 PM

Dec. 16 &17 (Sat & Sun) 12:30-5:30 PM

Join us for this special weekend with guest teacher

Sreedevi K Bringi. She was born into a family of Spiritual teachers and was a long time faculty of Contemplative Hinduism, Hindu Tantra -Yoga, History, Theory, Philosophy, Meditation, and Sacred

Sanskrit at Naropa University.

She is joined by Acharya CaryTwomey, Ayurvedic Doctor, Jungian Analyst, Dharma teacher and longtime practitioner of both Buddhist & Indian Shakta Tantra.

In this intensive, you will receive teachings on the mythology and instruction in the esoteric and contemplative Yogic practices honoring the Ten Wisdom Goddess archetypes of Tantric Yoga in the Shakti tradition and how these teachings relate to our life in the West.

This weekend will include:

~Goddess altars and Puja (sacred ritual) with mantra, yantra (sacred geometry) and personal intentions.

~Guidelines for Goddess yogic practice.

~Unique teachings on each Wisdom Goddess - their"shaktis", their wrathful and benevolent attributes, their elemental and chakra links, and how to honor and invoke them.

~Links of the Ten Wisdom Goddesses to the more common Goddesses Kali, Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati.

~Relating the 10 Wisdom Goddesses to the seasons, Ayurvedic doshas, herbals and alchemical Inner Medicine healing.

~Yoga Nidra practice for the 10 Wisdom Goddesses.

~Exploration of the powerful Jungian Archetypes in a woman's lifecycle that is uncovered through the "Dashamahavidyas" mythology.

~Learning to draw your own Yantras for meditation on the Goddesses. Practice with the power of mantras of the Wisdom Goddesses and meditation on their attributes.

~How the wisdom Goddesses can inform the psychological and spiritual journey of awakening for men as well as women.

~Why a strong relationship to the Feminine is beyond all culture and tradition and is necessary for the nourishment of our overall health and creativity, as well as our capacity to traverse all seasons of life, supporting our relationship to the Unconscious.

FEES: $190 in advance/$200 at the door


Drop-in for individual sessions:

$35 each session on Thurs & Fri

$65 each session on Sat & Sun


To register for partial or full weekend contact Cary at:

Individual Sessions with Sree are available!

For appointments contact Cary at,

Suggested reading for this weekend:

"Tantric yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses"

By David Frawley


Sreedevi K. Bringi, M.Sc., M.S., M.A.

Spiritual Teacher

Sreedevi was a long-term faculty at Naropa University in the School of Wisdom Studies for 19 years and recently

retired in 2017. She has taught Contemplative Hinduism,

Hindu Tantra-Yoga, Yoga History/Theory/ Philosophy,

Yoga-Meditation, and Sacred Sanskrit.

Sreedevi enjoys sharing her rich background in Vedanta,

Shakta Goddess Tantra traditions of India and contemplative

practices of Kashmir Shaivism Tantra. She also offers intensives and trainings in Yoga Nidra meditation and

Sacred Sanskrit at yoga centers and yoga festivals nationally.

Sreedevi was raised in India within a family lineage of spiritual teachers.

She also received training in Sanskrit, Vedanta, Tantra, yoga, meditation and devotional music from her family elders, swamis and yoga teachers in India.

Cary Twomey, B.F.A., D. Ayu, C. Mov't

Spiritual Teacher,

Jungian Analyst

Cary is a Jungian Analyst & Ayurvedic Practitioner.

She holds a BFA in Dance and has been a teacher of Yoga,

Pilates and a Movement Therapist for the past 25 years.

She is a recognized Acharya-Dharma teacher and

practitioner, who has dedicated her life's work to

integrating East & West. Her focus is on nourishing the

Feminine voice and strengthing Feminine presence in the spiritual field. At age 14 she was initiated into Paramahansa

Yogananda's Self-Realization Fellowship and continued to

study the Indian Vedic & Shakta Traditions, and in the

Tibetan Buddhist traditions. She studied many years with

Dr. David Frawley among others and is a Sadhaka Adept

holding the unbroken lineages of the Ancient Veda Vasya

Tradition-Wise Earth Ayurveda & Raj Shaka Vansya

Ayurveda. Cary's Jungian background is the Western path that holds all

of her work. She enjoys integrating her work as a Jungian Analyst with her spiritual mentoring work. Her teaching includes facilitating embodiment through movement, meditation, bodywork, and working with the Unconscious and dreams.

Cary mentors for the practice lineages of the 11th Century Yogini Machig Lapdron, and is an apprentice teacher in training under the direct tutelage of Lama Tsultrim Allione, founder of Tara Mandala Buddhist Retreat Center.

She is the founder and Spiritual Director of the Utpala Dharma Center and Haymarket Movement Studio along with her husband Lee, where they have an established healing arts center with all of these offerings in their hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Cary guides a Sangha of committed practitioners in Montrose, Colorado and Lincoln, Nebraska.

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