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What Clients Are Saying About Midwest Dharma Wheel (formerly Haymarket Studio)

"I have been a client at Haymarket Pilates and Yoga Center for over a decade.  The knowledge, patience, creativity, and encouragement Lee and Cary share are amazing! No matter where I am in my journey of health, healing and well being they meet me and lead me to success. Whether in a very individualized private session or a group class, I am guaranteed a great workout with attention to detail and form, all laced with fun.  Lee and Cary make Haymarket Pilates and Yoga Center a one of a kind studio that keeps calling me back, year after year."

-Sandy Ludwig,  13 years at Haymarket Studio

"While working for Union Pacific in Omaha, I learned that a wise friend was driving 60 miles to Lincoln to do Yoga with a woman named Cary Twomey.  He told me that I could learn from her, so I started taking her Wednesday night class.  I was surprised to discover that many of her students already knew by heart the Sanskrit chants she led. Although I was absorbed in a hard-charging career, I felt myself responding to her messages despite my doubts. Cary has changed my life-both how I live it and how I experience it at the deepest levels.  She had been my guide and my teacher as I continue to pursue my own deeper development and a loving way of life.  Cary is an extraordinary human being, and I feel the wisdom of many ages in her."

-J. Michael H.

"Before coming to Nebraska I worked with two very highly regarded psychotherapists over extended periods.  As a Therapist, Cary is at least as skilled as either of them.  She brings to her practice the addition wisdom of understanding our basic body types and orientations, which she had used to help me explore aspects of myself of which I was completely unaware and dismissive. 

I have begun to experience states of presence and loving that lie far beyond any way of understanding that my Western mind could have imagined.  My marriage, my relationships with my children, my grasping constraints, and my perceptions of others have all been deeply affected.  I am honored to recommend Cary."   

-Anonymous, 12 years at Haymarket Studio

"A trusted friend introduced me to Haymarket Studio in 2010.  I started coming for Yoga, Pilates, and Ayurvedic care.  I have since worked with Lee in group classes, Yoga, and Pilates as well as privately to strengthen after a tennis injury.  I am still impressed by his meticulous attention to detail, his knowledge of the human body and how to care for it, his mindful approach to movement as medicine and all the while maintaining a sense of humor. You come out of Lee's classes feeling like you have had a full body experience. 


At the same time, I started work with Cary.  She became my Ayurvedic Doctor, Spiritual Mentor, Jungian dream Analyst, motivator, positivity producer and trusted confidant. I am a part of her mentoring group and regularly attend her Sunday classes for deeply enriching spiritual work and meditation.  She has nurtured my health and body, my mind, my spirit and my family.   She does all this work with a sense of deep care, grace, and ease. Working with Cary has positively changed every aspect of my being.  She is bringing in an embodied awareness to her work that you won't commonly find.  


I greatly appreciate the work that this amazing team is offering to the world. Thanks Lee and Cary!"

- Jennifer Becwar, 7 years at Haymarket Studio

"Haymarket Studio is a holistic oasis from the outside world!  Whether it's private sessions or group classes, I always come away  with an ever-deepening understanding of myself.  Cary and Lee  are a wealth of knowledge! Lincoln is blessed to have them!"  

- Teresa Miner, 2 years at Haymarket Studio

"The only other place that feels like "home." Thoughts quiet....whatever is outside the door no longer matters...and my body is free from the daily pain. And it's not just the equipment, the building or the wonderful smells coming from Maggie's below...but the people inside. These are the people you never want to leave because the love they make you feel is unlike any other, almost like the love of a parent or a best's knowing you are safe, wanted, that you have nothing to fear and will never be unconditional love that has kept me going back for 12 years now. I truly cannot say enough about Cary and Lee....two people that are far too good for this world and somehow I have been lucky enough to know them....and they have been one of the biggest blessings of my life."

- Lisa Pepin,  12 years at Haymarket Studio

"In the years that I've been going to Haymarket Pilates & Yoga, I've gone mostly to Lee's Saturday morning classes. 

As a single parent, I loved the daily responsibilities of being a mom. That ended abruptly when my sweet son went off to college, and I was suddenly alone, banging around in a big house by myself. I'd gone to yoga before, but I never really found a teacher with whom I connected or a practice I could fully embrace. I started searching, taking classes here and there, and finally felt a sense of belonging at your studio. 

With Lee's Saturday morning classes, I found a studio that was comfortable, welcoming, and relaxed and a class that was physically demanding enough to steer my mind away from what was missing in my life. I also found a teacher who was kind, witty, supportive, and exacting. 

Eight years later, I joke that if I don't go to yoga, I'm afraid my head will explode, but it's only partly a joke.

I need the calm that Lee's yoga brings me, and I take what I've learned over the years to my daily practice at home. I don't doubt that yoga has strengthened not only my body but also my mind, immune system, heart, and soul, and I am eternally grateful for Lee and Haymarket Pilates and Yoga. Yoga is an integral part of my life. "

- Kate Dolan, 8 years at Haymarket Studio

"I am a person who is in love with the Haymarket Studio! I have availed myself of all of the services and classes that Cary Twomey and Lee Willet offer. Without exaggeration, I can say that I am a better person for it. 


I began studying at Haymarket Studio when I moved to Lincoln 13 years ago. I was looking to continue both my long-standing Pilates and Yoga practices and a colleague directed me to the studio. An instructor myself, and at the time, a bit of an east coast snob, I admit that I was somewhat skeptical about what I would find. The classes were absolutely superb… beyond my wildest imaginings. 


Lee Willet is a deeply embodied instructor whose classes provide excellent information about each technique that he is teaching, along with the appropriate alignments and efforts.  He is also one of the funniest people I have ever had the pleasure to know. Here are two examples of pure joy: when Lee offers a moment of levity, perhaps while holding a difficult yoga pose or when the effort of holding one’s stomach in during a Pilates sequence is challenged by one’s body shaking with laughter. If laughter is medicine, Lee’s classes in addition to strict attention form and sequencing, provide much healing for the body and mind.


Initially, I worked with Cary Twomey when I studied in the group setting. Her deep investigations into the workings of the moving body inform her classes in the most sophisticated ways. She can see alignment and misalignment from a mile away and has myriad suggestions for making corrections. The specificity and subtlety of her instruction is transformational. I have seen my own posture and physical integration evolve and have witnessed it in others.


For me, however, the absolute jewel of Cary’s brilliance is her application of the wisdom of east and west. She seamlessly blends the physical practices of Yoga and Pilates with Jungian Typologies, with the venerable science of Ayurveda, with the informed study of Vedic and Buddhist teachings. She has taught me to know myself psychologically, physically and spiritually. Through her patient and deeply studied teaching, Cary has allowed me to enhance my knowledge of each of these areas and, ultimately, to create in me a unified being who strives for wellness in the gestalt.  


I can honestly say that my years of study at Haymarket Pilates and Yoga Center have been instrumental in my development as a person, a partner, a parent, a friend and a mentor to my own students.  I cannot express fully through words the gratitude I feel for having the great good fortune to meet Cary Twomey and Lee Willett and study at Haymarket Studio. Thank you!"

- Susan Ourada,  13 years at Haymarket Studio

"Cary and Lee, simply put have transformed my physical and mental self, and without them, and their studio I would not be here today. They have seen me through good and bad times, with compassion and continually strive with me to exceed my own limitations. Upon entering their studio, one feels a loving embrace that I have not found anywhere else and as teachers, they have an eye for nuisance detail that only comes from many years of training and practiced discipline."

- Larry Mota,  15 years at Haymarket Studio

"Cary and Lee support, teach, strengthen and enable me to discover what I can do beyond my perceived physical limits. They have guided me to heal far beyond what I found possible with capable physical therapists. They enable me to live life well. Thanks to their encyclopedic knowledge of the human body and their conscientious attention to form, I am stronger, more balanced, and more confident than I have ever been in my life. Not bad for my seventh decade!

I was first directed to the Haymarket Studio when struggling to recover from plantar fasciitis. I could barely walk without pain. Well-meaning traditional medicine had me stretching to fix this problem; Lee took the surprisingly opposite view: I needed to strengthen the muscles that support the fascia. Within a few weeks of doggedly following his prescribed band exercises for my feet, I was pain-free. Now, 10 years later, I can walk barefoot again, live without orthotics, walk, run and dance. 

I continue to attend classes at the Haymarket Studio and turned to Cary and Lee to recover from a couple of other self-inflicted injuries. I counsel everyone I meet with a physical complaint to go see them if you want to go from 90% recovered to 100%! For years I thought each new pain I would feel was a sign of aging, arthritis, limitations. Now I know I just need a new way to exercise that Cary and Lee will teach me!

Cary has helped me heal and live life well mentally and spiritually as well as physically. Her guidance on healthful eating, self-care, and Jungian analysis has brought me such energy, inner strength, and peace. A few years ago, I had to tell my father that his cancer was inoperable and he had only a few months left to live. Cary walked me through that with so much love and compassion – he was calm and accepting. I feel as though I channeled her through that stressful experience.

I am so, so fortunate to have these two people in my life! I can’t imagine the mess I would be, physically, emotionally, spiritually without them! Thank you! And much love!"

-Mary Anne Holmes, 10 years at Haymarket Studio

"I have known Cary for almost 10 years. I first met her in the context of learning Buddhist meditations. I then began to interact with her as a counselor. Initially, the focus of our sessions was support management for stressors I was experiencing at that time. Her suggestions for managing the significant stress in my life at that time was invaluable. Over time, as I endeavored to become a healthier, wholesome person, our sessions became centered on Jungian dream analysis. The process of attempting to understand the psyche through dreams has been a fascinating I would recommend to everyone. I have no reservation recommending Cary as a mentor, therapist or Jungian analyst. Her knowledge is vast. Her compassion unbounded. I am very grateful to have Cary in my life."


-Joyce McKinney, 10 years with Cary

"When I think of Cary, I’m grateful for her teaching and counsel, which I have found both instructive and insightful over the years. She’s nurtured my dharma and helped me to look at my life and my relationships in ways that have been enlightening. What I appreciate most, through her work, is how important it is to be here now, because there’s no day like today." 


-Jack Vespa,  8 years at Haymarket Studio

"I've been seeing Cary for Ayurvedic consultations for 7 years and I can't imagine life without her! Even though I no longer live in Lincoln, I continue working with Cary over the phone, and I've referred friends and family to her office. Even my mother, a skeptic, swears by Cary's wisdom and method.


Her guidance is both practical and sacred. Because of my work with Cary, I no longer need my allergy medication and PPI's for heartburn, and I have significantly cut down on my use of steroid creams for eczema. I no longer crave junk food, and Cary has helped me create an effortless cooking and self-care routine. Cary helped me through some of the most difficult emotional periods of my life, and I am a more stable, self-sufficient, and joyful person as a result. 


With Cary, I know I have a doctor and a teacher for life!" 

-Emily Wilson, 7 years at Haymarket Studio

"Cary Twomey, my Teacher,

After a kidney tumor diagnosis, I began exploring Ayurvedic medicine in my early 60s.  This led me to Cary Twomey and the Haymarket Studio. Cary helped me with on-going digestive issues to regain my healthy body. This helped prepare me for successful surgery that saved my kidney.  My recovery was remarkable due to her expert skills.  I’ve been a regular student of Cary’s ever since.  

Cary has amazing skills in many areas.  Not only an Ayurvedic  Practioner,  she is a Pilates and Yoga master, a Jungian psychologist, a Buddhist Dharma Practitioner and Teacher.  

I find that each of these skills informs her practice. She has helped me navigate health issues, personal tragedy, my retirement and aging body.   I value Cary’s expert skills but mostly as a gentle, caring, kind and compassionate friend."


-Deborah Eagan, 9 years at Haymarket Studio

"I have known Ms. Cary Twomey-la since 2015. I consider her to be my Spiritual and Dharma sister. In addition to her considerable and multi-faceted range of professional skills including Ayurvedic medicine and Jungian analysis, Cary la is a confident practitioner of Buddhist Tantra as well as being a skillful and relatable Dharma teacher. 

Beside devotedly attending to her many daily responsibilities at the Haymarket Holistic Healing Center, Cary la takes equal loving care of her friends. During one of her retreats here at Tara Mandala, she assessed my health through traditional pulse reading and prescribed and gave free medications to me for 3 months which proved to be amazingly beneficial. I am now gratefully free from blood pressure problems! 


I feel joyful and proud to have such a wonderful Bodhicitta hearted Spiritual Sister and the Best Friend and I sincerely and wholeheartedly send streams of warm wishes and prayers for the continuing stable success of her altruistic life’s  missions."  


-Jampa Dhadak    

"Four years ago, I was a year out from my second surgery for complications due to endometriosis, fibroids, and endometriosis. I had been suffering from chronic pelvic pain and though the surgeries helped, the pain would always creep back in again. I had tried western medicines and popped ibuprofen endlessly. These so-called “solutions” were just masking symptoms and not getting to the root cause.  

At the suggestion of my sister, I made an appointment with Cary. I have to admit, I was skeptical, but I was desperate for relief. The moment I walked into Cary’s studio I knew I was in very caring and capable hands. I didn’t feel dismissed, as women so often do with the current state of healthcare in this country. I was given a very unique and thoughtful consultation, and I was prescribed herbal and dietary guidelines for my personal care. I remember Cary saying “ you will experience side benefits, not side effects from your medicine”.  

I followed her regimen very strictly and within six months, my health had vastly improved. My pain was reduced, and friends and family were commenting on how much healthier I looked. I have been consulting with Cary and following her expert advice ever since. Today I am happy to report that my pain is completely under control, and I have an amazing sense of well being. 

I have deep gratitude for Cary, her teachings, and Ayurvedic clinic. Her guidance is the support I need to age gracefully and in good health."



~Ann Alesio, 4 years of Ayurvedic Medicine at Haymarket Studio











"Finding the Haymarket Yoga & Pilates studio has been the most positive life-changing experience for me!  Prior to finding the studio, I struggled with neck and back issues and generally hurt all over.  Attending classes has not only remedied the physical ailments I was experiencing but has also improved my overall health! My posture has improved as has my joint health and as I have aged, regular attendance has allowed me to maintain a very active lifestyle of those activities I thought I would have to give up as I grew older. Lee & Cary are the most positive, encouraging, and knowledgeable people I have ever met!   Classes are challenging but not so difficult that someone new to the studio would be discouraged from returning.  Lee & Cary foster a warm and welcoming environment and are very encouraging through their individual interaction with each student during every class period.  Regular group class attendees are also very accepting and encouraging!  Walking into the studio is like walking into a warm & loving home with your best friends in attendance.   I honestly believe that I would have to gather a psychologist, an orthopedist and a physical therapist in order to match the knowledge and expertise offered by Lee & Cary.  The bottom line for me: Knowing Lee & Cary and attending the Haymarket Studio has made me a much better person!  They are just the most amazing people ever!  If you are serious about improving your overall physical & mental health and well-being, this is the place!  Attend a few group classes, see what Lee & Cary have to offer, and you will be transformed, body, mind & spirit!"


~Kevin Beck, 8 years at Haymarket Studio










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