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Utpali Ayurved Cooling Formula Supports the internal balance of Pitta (fire element). In the Summer, expect your Pitta to be on the rise! This Utpali Formula for summer is a favorite of mine. It helps to keep the acidity, heat, and fiery emotions that come with Pitta increase (like irritability, impatience, and anger) in check. With herbs such as Avipattikar, Coriander, Rose, Pravala, Shatavari and more!  120 Veggie Capsules, no fillers.


Stay cool, keep digestion balanced, support your skin health, and maintain a Satvic emotional state and an open heart with our Cooling Formula! Available in our Online Shop: @midwestdharmawheel #pitta #summer #fire #digestion #ayurveda #ayurvedicmedicine #pittaformula #summerbalance

Utpali Ayurved Summer Cooling Formula

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