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Hand Rolled Ayurvedic Natural Incense From India


The ten unique scents are a natural blend of Ayurvedic herbs and aromatic botanical extracts. All ingredients are kneaded into a sticky dough-like mixture then rolled individually onto eight-inch bamboo sticks. The unique formulas use only the finest oils, flowers, spices, gums and resins, which may include: sandalwood, rose, jasmine, vetiver and lemongrass oils; marigold, carnation, bergamot, chamomile, hibiscus flowers; cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and vanilla spices; and binders such as amber, cedar wood, myrrh, jaggery and benzoin. The sandalwood oil and powder used is purchased from the Sandalwood Oil Factory run by the State government of Karnataka, South India. No charcoal is used in Surya’s incense.


Amber: Increases creativity 

Euphoria: Soothes the spirit 

Forest Champa: Relieves tension 

Jasmine: Promotes enthusiasm 

Maharaja: Stimulates vitality 

Nag Champa: Cools and calms 

Rose: Uplifts the spirit 

Royal Champa: Attracts good fortune 

Saffron Sandal: Inspires peace of mind 

Sandalwood Supreme: Heightens concentration 

Mysore Sandalwood Cones: Enhances meditation concentration


Ayurvedic Surya Incense

  • If you are mail ordering, Shipping Cost is not included in this price. We will contact you to included the shipping fees once the order is placed. 

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