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Through the methodic dripping of warm oil infused with herbs and essential oils specific to the individual's constitution, the body's inherent healing mechanism is awakened. As the oil pours over the brow point continuously for half an hour or more the Shakti Prana (creative life force) and the cellular memory are nourished. This treatment is specific for anyone experiencing headaches, stress, loss of hair or hearing, inflammation in the body, poor digestion, menopause, eating disorders, or following any trauma. During any time of change or uncertainty, it is deeply soothing and grounding. This treatment is recommended during the junctures of the seasons to assist in the transition.



Shirodhara Therapy

  • Available appointment times will be sent upon purchase. 

    Please note our 24 hr cancellation policy. All appointments cancelled in less than 24 hrs from your scheduled appointment time will be charged in full. 

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