5+ hours of video teachings. This DVD is a treasure for those that love Cary's intimate teaching style. She shares not only the inspired wisdom of Ayurveda, but also her personal teachings on the how to walk the Spiritual path.  This recording includes her teaching the Sanskrit mantras that she gives to all her students of Ayurveda.  It also has instructions on various aspects of the path, as well as the meditation to take us directly into the deep space of stillness in the heart; the deep silence from which all true knowledge unfolds. 

This DVD is a great support for those that want to take a gentle step into the enormous body of Ayurveda's wisdom, and begin to apply it personally.  These gems are interwoven with Cary's joyful guidance and invitation, for each of us to step fully into relationship with our full potential of health and with the Source from which true healing flows. 

Intro to Ayurveda DVD Video Teachings from one of Cary's Intro to Ayurveda Work


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