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Stephen Williams and NoHo Pilates Studio Present:


Embracing Typology-

Enhancing Your

Pilates & Movement Practice


with Cary Twomey

Jungian Analyst, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Pilates & Yoga Teacher


Saturday, October 21st, 2017. 1-5 PM


NoHo Pilates Studio

611 Broadway

Suite 608

New York, NY 10012

Price: $200


     As teachers and students, we go through structured training and forms of learning. These forms serve a purpose, but underneath is the larger

reality of the Unconscious and what Carl Jung called Individuation-the

essential journey toward Wholeness that each of us is taking whether we

are conscious of it or not. The process of Individuation is the unique

unfolding of the person. If one can participate with it consciously it

opens up enormous creativity and freedom to truly become oneself.

Framed by the Jungian model of Psychological Typology, this workshop

will shed light on the structure of the Psyche and how it informs us as

teachers and movers. Cary will introduce the physical and psychological

maps that hold our unique processes of Individuation. Through these, we will identify our own typology. We will touch on how to support the less developed aspects of ourselves, and why those untapped areas are so important in our own development and in relating to those we serve in our teaching and in our work.


     Understanding the underlying Mandala of the individual nourishes our creativity and leads us to the discovery of the Self. In this workshop, we will learn how knowledge of our typology and the typology of our

students will enhance and improve our teaching and our own physical



In this workshop we will explore:


  • Jung's map of the psyche and how it pertains to you and those you teach, serve & work with.

  • Ayurveda's ancient and time-tested knowledge of the physical constitution and why it is influencing everything we do.

  • Why the individual is always more important than any system, and how we can support our own Individuation process more consciously.

  • How to bring more of yourself into your Pilates practice, movement and teaching.

  • Pilates & Movement as an individual creative process, not forms that must be strictly followed.

  • How & why different psychological types and physical constitutions need to approach movement differently.

Registration has begun, space is limited.

To register contact:

Stephen Williams


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