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Nourishing Health and Wholeness in

Body, Mind and Spirit 

Midwest Dharma Wheel

Meditation, Movement & Contemplative Center

Lincoln, NE


Pilates & Whole Movement

Individualized Movement & Pilates

Movement is a process of creative transformation and can be deeply healing. Through informed movement, we are able to awaken to our embodied life, grow in somatic awareness and efficiency, create new pathways for better body mechanics and posture, unwind holding patterns of tension and find fuller connection through breath. This leads to deeper energetic and physical connectivity. Our integral approach is excellent when recovering from injuries and managing chronic pain, as well as increasing overall health, fuller embodiment, and well-being.

Yoga & Meditation

Body, Mind & Spirit

Along with Ayurveda, the science of life, Yoga is one of the three major bodies of scientific knowledge from ancient India. With profound insight into the physiology of the gross and subtle anatomy, the Eastern yogic traditions remain the most sophisticated and healing systems of this kind in the world.

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Whole Movement,

  Yoga & Pilates




Self Study

Contemplative & Healing Arts 
Midwest Dharma Wheel

Midwest Dharma Wheel is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Contemplative Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. Rooted in both Eastern and Western Traditions, our focus is to integrate the essence of both for our current times.

We offer this through Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Jungian Contemplative Inner Work, Movement, and personal support on the journey of Wholeness.

Founded by Cary Twomey and Lee Willet in 2002, we seek to support individual personal maturation rooted in the Self and to experience our True Nature right here through embodied life.


The Vedic Science of Life​

Ayurveda is an ancient healing philosophy practiced across India and the Himalayas for over 5,000 years. Seeking to balance the entire psychology and physiology, Ayurveda provides us with the essential guidelines on how to live in harmony with Nature. Ayurvedic classes and consultations with Cary include learning how to live in balance, nurturing a foundation for good health, and support to thrive in our lives.  

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Starry Sky

Contemplative Self Study

Archetypal Symbols as a Gateway to Wholeness

Throughout time, symbols have been a healing and transformative tool for all cultures, East & West. Jung's work is noted for bringing forward a greater understanding of symbols and how they are at work in our Unconscious emerging and attempting to guide us through life. 

Weekly Meditation Practice & Mentoring

Contemplative Practice 

This meditation group meets each Sunday for meditation and contemplative practice. With private and group sessions geared towards personal guidance and support, our weekly sessions are perfect for those who seek a container for grounded, embodied, authentic spiritual growth.


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Our Group Pilates & Yoga Classes are now being offered both online over Zoom and in-person at our Midwest Dharma Wheel Movement Studio.

Our Group Class schedule is here to the right on this page. Contact us if you'd like to receive the Zoom Link to participate or to book a Private Appointment. 

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Wisdom Talks Monthly Subscription


Click on the button below to read more & subscribe to receive Cary's monthly Wisdom talks.  Many have shared how her capacity to synthesize and communicate with clarity and precision has been a powerful support for their daily lives and for their psychological & spiritual maturation.  These monthly talks are one of her most treasured offerings.  

Our Group Pilates & Yoga Classes are now being offered both in-person at our Midwest Dharma Wheel Movement Studio and online over Zoom.

Please email us by clicking on the button below if
you are interested to participate.

Our Current Online Group Class Schedule:


Yoga with Lee - Open Level

6-7:30 PM


Pilates with Lee - Open Level

6-7:15 PM


Yoga with Lee - Open Level

9:30-11 AM


Weekly Meditation Group 

9:00-10:30 AM  

Contact Cary to participate. Sessions are held in our Meditation space and on Zoom.


1900 D St. Lincoln NE United States 68502

(402) 477-5101

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