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Host a Retreat or an Intensive with Cary 
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Cary is available to travel to your center to teach.  Below are some of the past workshops she has been called on to offer. You can make a request for a topic related to Eastern Contemplative practice, Meditation, Buddhist Dharma, Vajrayana/Tantra, Vedic Teachings, Mantra, Ayurveda & it's healing modalities, Jungian Psychology, Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Anatomy, and Movement. She can give personal consultations, intensives, or any of the following retreats below, and many others. She is also open to requests if there is something particular you would like her to offer.


  • Opening to our Primordial Nature and the Heart of Bodhicitta~Dharma retreat

    We often respond to life from our fears, wounded material and the unconscious aspect of our psyches. We need to know how to hold ourselves with much more acceptance, care, and deep love so that we might open out of our fearful contracted state and access more of our creative potential in life. We are caught in an epidemic of striving and are never fully present in the moment at hand. As a result, we aren't allowing the greater flow to guide us and we forget that we are held always by something greater than ourselves.

    In this retreat, Cary will be guiding us towards the Natural State, the ground of Being. We will be introduced to Bodhichitta, the Awakened Heart, the source of all healing qualities. Through sitting meditation, we will become aware of the internal experiences that are constantly arising and allow ourselves to meet these experiences openly, fearlessly and with Heart. We will practice resting in Open Presence with the sensations, thoughts, and feelings that are continually arising and will be guided through movement to recognize and open to our own healing capacity following what the body needs to regain balance and ease. We will learn about the deep subtle channels in the body and how to clear these channels as a support to freeing up the habitual patterns that keep us from relaxing into openhearted compassion, care, and acceptance for ourselves and others.


These sessions include:

  • Guided meditation practice and teachings that are directly applicable to daily life.
  • A guided movement process to unwind and free the tensions, blockages and held emotions that prevent us from being fully present and comfortable in our bodies and the moment.

  • Breathing practice essential to reach the root of all our emotional, physical and psychic imbalances.

  • Dialogue and talks on Dharma and walking our individual path to the Heart.

  • Support to deep and open to loving self-acceptance.


This weekend will be an opportunity to relax in an open space where healing occurs. It is here we begin to experience ourselves as more than our limited fears, contractions, deep insecurities and confusion; here we open to our humanity and our Wholeness.




















  • Ayurvedic Seasonal Juncture Retreats

The Seasonal Juncture is a two week time period marking the transition from one season to the next. According to Ayurveda, the juncture between seasons is a time when we become more open and vulnerable while we are responding to the fluctuation of our natural environment. This is also the time in which we actually become more grounded and clear if we know how to engage; it is a powerful time to release and clear that which is no longer beneficial and to allow what is healthful and creative to emerge as we open to the qualities that the next season brings.


Retreat Material:
The elemental characteristics of the season, the challenges, and opportunities that each season presents to our maintaining health and balance. How to nourish ourselves with foods that will best support balanced health in each season; including recipes and preparation techniques. Specific guidance on how to care for our bodies through conscious movement and self-care during the season. Engaging our inner life and psychological material as we move with the cycles of the season. Connecting to the natural environment that we live with; recognizing the elemental qualities in relationship to our deeper vital energies.


















  • Integrating the Feminine

    Each year in the Fall there is a designated period in the Lunar Calendar that we can replenish ourselves through a process of engaging with the Feminine. This is the period of ten days each fall when the energies of evolved Feminine Consciousness are particularly available to us for a process of release, opening, and renewal. Consciously engaging with these awakened energies is potentially a source of tremendous healing and transformation. Through mantra, offerings, prayer and celebration we can connect for the benefit of ourselves, all others and for the healing and transformation of our planet.

    In this retreat, Cary will introduce a relationship to the enlightened female Buddhas and their Archetypal qualities which represent and contain a channel for a transformed and evolved Feminine Consciousness, through which we can support a continuity of awakening and psycho-Spiritual awakening.




  • Experiencing Psyche and Entering the Unconscious

    In this retreat, we will look at the Jungian understanding of the psyche. Through understanding Carl Jung's map of the psyche and the unconscious, we can come to know and understand ourselves more fully. Through the four functions of Thinking, Feeling, Sensation, and Intuition, we are in constant relationship with our selves and our environment. We are called to work with the unconscious and in this retreat, Cary will speak of why this is relevant in our lives. 

    This process is interactive and can be a deeply personal exploration of where we are functioning with ease and where in our lives that we struggle, get tripped up and suffer the most. Much of this is due to where we are less developed and aware~the Unconscious. Cary will help us to understand our relationship with this deeply meaningful journey with the psyche and why we need to work with more than just our conscious life. 



















  • Meditation & Movement Retreats


  Mahamudra Meditation & Guided Movement










                                                                                           Shamatha & Walking Meditation Dharma Retreat 







In these retreats, we alternate a sitting practice of Mahamudra or Shamatha meditation with movement or walking meditation. In Mahamudra practice, we engage the practice of settling deeply in the body and resting in bare open awareness, staying present with what is arising in the body, emotions, and mind. We will interweave movement with our sitting practice or integrate more fully our experiences in meditation.  In the Shamatha retreats, we will practice the meditation technique of one-pointedness meditation alternating with walking meditation.  Teachings of the Buddha's first turning of the wheel of Dharma will be taught. 





















  • Meditation and Mantra

    In this retreat, Cary will introduce meditation and the practice of Mantra within the Female lineage of Vedic Practice. We will deepen our practice of settling into silence and grow in our ability to be still and develop a greater capacity for awareness. Cary will also teach us the practice of the fundamental Vedic prayers if her lineage and speak of the relevance and power of their presence as a base of practice.



























  • Introduction to the Sadhana and Practices of Green Tara
    Cary will introduce the female Buddha Green Tara and her meditation and practices. She will speak about why Tara is such a relevant female figure today and how engaging in her meditation affects our lives. In this retreat, we will engage in meditation, mudra, visualization, and recitation of Tara's Mantra. The sitting practice will be alternated with movement. 



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  • Embracing Typology- Enhancing Your Movement or Teaching Practice, an introductory intensive for both teachers and students 

As teachers and students, we go through structured training and forms of learning. These forms serve a purpose, but underneath is the larger reality of the Unconscious and what Carl Jung called Individuation-the essential journey toward Wholeness that each of us is taking whether we are conscious of it or not. The process of Individuation is the unique unfolding of the person. If one can participate with it consciously it opens up enormous creativity and freedom to truly become oneself.

Framed by the Jungian model of Psychological Typology, this workshop will shed light on the structure of the Psyche and how it informs us as teachers and movers. Cary will introduce the physical and psychological maps that hold our unique processes of Individuation. Through these, we will identify our own typology. We will touch on how to support the less developed aspects of ourselves, and why those untapped areas are so important in our own development and in relating to those we serve in our teaching and in our work.

Understanding the underlying Mandala of the individual nourishes our creativity and leads us to the discovery of the Self. In this workshop, we will learn how knowledge of our typology and the typology of our students will enhance and improve our teaching and our own movement practices.

In this workshop we will explore:

~Jung's map of the psyche and how it pertains to you and those you teach, serve & work with.

~Ayurveda's ancient and time-tested knowledge of the physical constitution and why it is influencing everything we do.

~Why the individual is always more important than any system, and how we can support our own Individuation process more consciously.

~How to bring more of yourself into your Pilates practice, movement and teaching.

~Pilates, Yoga & all forms of Movement as an individual creative process, not forms that must be strictly followed.

~How & why different psychological types and physical constitutions need to approach movement differently. 

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