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Park in the Fall

Fall Season Online Series~

Rooted in the Wisdom of Ayurveda

Four Live & Recorded Zoom Sessions 

Sept 30th-Nov 4th

Open to All! 






Hello Everyone, 


Fall is just around the corner and with it comes the perfect opportunity to support ourselves on a deeper level. There are two primary times a year that we are encouraged to do actions that help to release what is accumulated in our physiology and to replenish with the intention of creating the circumstances for greater health and balance in the season to come. 


If you have been wanting support for your health and learn the time-tested tips that support radiant health, robust immunity, and longevity, join me for this new four-part series! 


You will learn how best to approach our diet, daily self-care, exercise, gentle cleansing routines, and how to tend your psychological and spiritual well-being in the Fall season. You will be supported throughout the span of the entire Fall season with four bi-weekly, 90 minute live sessions, providing a touchstone for consistency and accountability towards yourself. I have set up the sessions so that you will learn a lot, but also so that your own personal life will be refreshed, inspired, and empowered by our connection throughout the Fall season. 




These Sessions are Open to Everyone 


It does not matter your level of experience. It will be an enriching learning process for all and will give you a convenient mini-retreat every two weeks right from home. 

Even if you have attended my Seasonal Retreats in the past, there is always more to learn and deeper waters to dive into!

Also, knowing that you have these sessions to look forward to, gives you time to step back, take pause, and redirect how you are living your life. You can make new intentions for the season going forward and will find inner renewal along with practical reliable unchanging tools to guide your health to a new level. 



I'll be offering this over Zoom in four recorded sessions so that you can receive the material in digestible & applicable bites throughout the season. You will have my personal support in implementing what you learn into your personal life as we meet live on Thursday's 4-5:30 PM Central Time every two weeks from Sept 30-Nov 4th.  No worries if you can't make it or don't want to be there live, all the sessions will be recorded so that you can watch them later on your own time.




Live Zoom Schedule on Thursday's-Central Time Zone:


Sept 30   4-5:30 PM 

Oct 14      4-5:30 PM 

Oct 21     4-5:30 PM 

Nov 4      4-5:30 PM 



Class Fee: $208 


What you learn in this series will stay with you for a lifetime. You will have a base knowledge of how to focus yourself, how to prepare, what to eat & what not to eat, how to gently and safely cleanse, what kinds of self-care are needed to support your body to stay healthy & robust, how to channel your energy so that you are not going against nature's wisdom, how to plant seeds for your future health and how to stay in contact with the ever-new, creative energy of the Source within. 


The sessions will provide a supportive container to be in community or to view the recordings privately on your own time.

I can't think of a more important time than now to be taking time out to support our health while we are living through such difficulties on a collective level. 


I do hope that you will join me for this great opportunity to be supported together in this very special work! 


With Love~ 

See you there! 


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