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To Truly Give Love

It is true that we are love AND it's true that we must love ourselves and one another. This is easy to do on a superficial level, but can we pour it into the places where we feel terrible, don't like ourselves, want to avoid ourselves? Those kinds of feelings exist in us actually as the residue of not having felt love-so they begin to form as these horrible distortions that repel love. Strange dynamic isn't it? Today turn towards them, don't let the love be repelled. Because then Love will be able to stay with another person when they are in their most difficult moments.

And as much as we might like to think we can move through life as an independent entity, we need to feel love from within, experience it in others, and we need to be able to give love to be fully alive and to be a fully integrated human being, and we need to feel that others receive our love. It's both totally childlike and pure, and extremely sophisticated.

May we all be able to truly be living in Love...



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