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Reawaken The Memory

"Each season has its own particular nurturing rhythms. We are not meant to be eating, exercising, or engaging in the same manner in every season. By acknowledging the cyclical rhythms of the seasons, we can begin to re-awaken the memory of our tissues and cells and connect to healthy rhythms that will guide our lives. Each season has an inherent pace and wisdom energy that if followed will ensure stronger health, vitality, and connection to the sacred Source within. This will lead us into the next season with more radiance and peace. Maintenance of health is a lifetime commitment, not just an occasional thought or a burst of inspiration in the new year.

And, we are not just a solid body, we are a pulsating, vibrating energy and consciousness. So this too must be held with awareness and cared for in order that an integrated, healthy being can emerge.

We often only see what is solid, but this solid body is a continuum of the pranic energy radiating from the Supreme Source, which is the ultimate well-spring of healing."

~Cary Twomey, "Mandala Of The Seasons, Feminine Wisdom For Returning To Wholeness."

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