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How I arrived at my work with Psyche & the Body through Movement: 

Since I was a very young child, I was drawn to movement as a way to deal with my own emotions and to integrate with my surrounding environment.  I didn't take dance classes as a child, but I was always spontaneously moving and dancing as a way to integrate. This was a daily 'play' for me.  I would spontaneously move and dance around the house and outside in the yard at length. Years later, I realized that this wasn't only a playful activity, but an actual way to self-soothe and to integrate the various aspects of my psyche that had no other way to come back together in a coherent way.  When it came time to enter University, I had no idea what profession I should pursue.  There was a subtle tug in the way of psychology, but I really had no idea about the subject, that was just a subtle flash of where I was destined to be in my professional work.  I discovered that our university had a Dance Program.  At that point, a light bulb went off and the child in me that had always loved and needed to move saw this was a doorway to being able to spend significant time focused on movement. So began a lifetime of study of dance, movement, and various movement modalities, anatomy, and all things of the body.  After I graduated from University in the early '90s with my degree in dance and choreography, I moved to NYC to immerse myself in the world of movement and dance. During this time I met former Martha Graham dancer and Pilates teacher Deborah Lesson of Green Street Studio. I began taking Pilates lessons from her and after a few years, she invited me to train to teach. By this point in my life, the psychological/emotional effects of movement and the combination of psyche and body was growing in me and I felt that there could be a more full path to health accessed through working with both.  Many years of study passed and then in the late '90s, I met Mary. I had decided to retire from my professional dance life, my body was tired of working so hard and I wanted to go deeper with the inner work.  So I began my own in-depth psychoanalysis with Mary in 2001 and then continued to study and train directly with her to work as a Jungian Analyst.  I have undergone unbroken and ongoing training according to Jung's original model of personal practice, study, and training for 20 years. Fifteen years ago, I began a private practice seeing clients in person, via phone, and online nationwide working as a Jungian Analyst.

I work with the Unconscious through dreams and with Carl Jung's model of psychological typology; both very significant aspects of his work and skills. These have become a lost and often misunderstood aspect of modern Jungian therapy. In my counseling practice, I will include work with the body through movement when called for, at other times we may focus or work in other ways, through art, etc-this will depend on the individual's needs.   


I am also a longtime Practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine and Jyotish Vedic Astrology (25+ years), drawing upon this knowledge I will also recommend lifestyle, diet changes, herbal medicine, or particular remedies when I feel that it would be helpful for the individual.  I have practiced meditation and studied the spiritual traditions of both east & west since the young age of 14 yrs.  This training informs my spiritual counseling. 

A period of regular sessions is recommended for deeper transformational work to unfold. This can be set according to your personal needs. You are also free to see Cary for drop-in sessions as needed.


Regular sessions are 1 hour.  It is also possible to book 90 mins.  15-30 min sessions are available when needed. 



Visiting with Mary in NYC 

I am a third-generation trained Jungian Analyst. I received my formal training to practice over the course of 20 years with Mary Bowen.  She trained in Jungian Analytical Psychology with her analyst Erlo van Waveren and supervisor Ann van Waveren for 20 plus years in New York City; they both trained with and became personal friends with Carl Gustav Jung himself in Zurich, Switzerland. She is also

a Pilates Elder who studied directly with Joseph & Clara Pilates and has taught Pilates for 45 years, alongside her practice as a Jungian Analyst of over 50 years. 

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Jungian Psychotherapy is noted for its work with both the conscious and the Unconscious life. This leads to the unique development of the individual toward their own center of wholeness. The work includes dream study/analysis and a very human and personal relationship with the therapist. The Jungian approach is the Western ground that holds all of Cary's work and teaching. The primary goal is an integrated and whole human being with a deepening relationship with the Self. The journey is one that will allow for the integration of the shadow and support the process of individuation and of psycho-spiritual wholeness.